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"Awesome clinic, very kind people. I felt great here."
Robert Moravek, Bratislava, Slovakia, Composite Veneers
"I came in for a full whitening treatment, fabulous results, attentive service and finally a dentist I look forward to visiting. Many thanks to Dr. Arisa and her staff."
Peter J. Martin, London, England, UK, Teeth Whitening Service
"Dr Arisa has always done a great job with my teeth over the years. The ceramic crowns I just had put on look and feel totally natural. I can't even convince people that they are not my original teeth."
Peter Rust, Chicago, IL, USA, All Ceramic Crown Treatment
"Dr. Arisa's clinic is fast and professional. Her dental cleaning and filling was top-notch. I'll be back soon."
Logan Leonhard, Forsyth, Georgia, USA, Composite Filling
"Thanks to Dr. Arisa for the work done on my teeth. Mucho happy."
Jerry Bingsell Chin, Roseburg, Oregon, USA, Composite Filling
"After receiving a much needed clean and a filling, I can highly recommend this clinic. The doctor was friendly, considerate and professional. The atmosphere was relaxed. Thank you."
Brendon Bilton, Portsmouth, England, UK, Composite Filling
"I love my new smile thanks to Bangkok New Smile Dental Clinic. Lovely staff, great looking clinic, amazing price, speedy service. Don't waste your money anywhere else. Bangkok New Smile Dental Clinic are honest, high quality, perfect for tourists & Thais."
Clare, Sydney, Australia
"Freundlich, zuvorkommend, sauber, gepflegte Raeume, absolut auf dem neuesten Stand Kann ich jedem nur empfehlen!"
Roland Marte, Austria
"I am an American in my late 50's. I am very pleased with the many crowns that Dr. Rust installed. She is very professional and speaks English very well. She addressed all my concerns and her explanations were excellent. When I need additional crowns I will return to see her."
Russel Kwock, USA
"I was overwhelmed by the friendliness and professionalism of all the staff despite being very nervous about how my composite veneers were going to look. I was extrememly happy with the end result. I shall definitely recommend Bangkok New Smile to anyone seeking a smile makeover!"
Anthony, UK, Composite Veneers
"You can have a luxurious Thailand Holiday, get dental treatment and still pay much less than the cost of the treatment alone in your home country"

Bangkok New Smile: High Quality and Low Prices

Bangkok New Smile Dental Clinic LogoBangkok New Smile Dental Clinic reflects what patients who travel overseas for dental treatment are looking for. Find more about Weather in Bangkok, TH
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This includes uncompromised high quality dental service, the best equipment and materials, a professional atmosphere and affordable prices. Patients who come from Western countries can expect to save approximately 30% to 90% on dental services they recieve at Bangkok New Smile Dental clinic. To illustrate this point, please take a look at the following sample price comparisons between Bangkok New Smile and average dental prices (private) in select countries:

USA vs. Bangkok New Smile
Service US Price¹
Our Price²
Dental Implant


1,002 78%
Oral Examination 49 free 100%
Panoramic X-Ray 30 17 43%
Cleaning and Polishing 42 26 39%
Large Composite Fillings 197 17 91%
Complex Root Canal 695 243 65%
Wisdom Tooth Extraction 175 72 59%

Teeth Whitening

444 143 68%
All Ceramic Crown 1,188 458 61%
Ceramic Veneer 874 272 69%
UK vs. Bangkok New Smile
Service UK Price¹
Our Price²
Dental Implant


1,002 67%
Oral Examination 64 free 100%
Panoramic X-Ray 43 17 60%
Cleaning and Polishing 69 26 63%
Large Composite Fillings 137 17 87%
Complex Root Canal 582 243 58%
Wisdom Tooth Extraction 271 72 74%

Teeth Whitening

460 143 69%
All Ceramic Crown 991 458 54%
Ceramic Veneer 534 272 49%

Australia vs. Bangkok New Smile
Service AU Price¹
Our Price²
Dental Implant


1,002 79%
Oral Examination 93 free 100%
Panoramic X-Ray 54 17 68%
Cleaning and Polishing 77 26 67%
Large Composite Fillings 384 17 96%
Complex Root Canal 1,152 243 79%
Wisdom Tooth Extraction 256 72 72%

Teeth Whitening

300 143 52%
All Ceramic Crown 2,560 458 82%
Ceramic Veneer 1,639 272 83%
Singapore vs. Bangkok New Smile
Service SG Price¹
Our Price²
Dental Implant


1,002 50%
Oral Examination 40 free 100%
Panoramic X-Ray 25 17 31%
Cleaning and Polishing 100 26 74%
Large Composite Fillings 60 17 71%
Complex Root Canal 630 243 61%
Wisdom Tooth Extraction 650 72 89%

Teeth Whitening

500 143 71%
All Ceramic Crown 1,000 458 54%
Ceramic Veneer 800 272 66%

Sample Treatment Plans

Listed below is a breakdown of the costs associated with some hypothetical trips to Bangkok New Smile from different international cities. Obviously each patient has to weigh the costs and amount of time required to make the trip to Thailand but there can be a substantial savings after all things are considered. Our first sample treatment plan is for having 2 dental implants done. The second sample treatment plan is for having 16 All Ceramic Crowns completed.

dental implant
Sample Treatment Plan 1

Estimated cost and Procedure for Two Dental Implants[5]

The entire dental implant procedure can be done in only a few months. The first appointment would be to develop a treatment plan based the patients individual situation. After that, dental implants would be inserted. About 1 week later, stitches from the insertion procedure are removed. The healing time for the implant lasts about 3 to 6 months. Next, the patient returns to the clinic for trying in of the new implant, adjustments and finalization of the procedure (2 or 3 appointments).

Estimated Breakdown of Costs and Services for a Noncomplex Case Los Angeles London Sydney
2 Implants at Bangkok New Smile $2,005 $2,005 $2,005
2 Return Airfare Tickets to Bangkok 3 $2,200 $2,000 $1,600
Hotel in Bangkok (20 days) 4 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000
Total Cost $5,205 $5,005 $4,605
Cost in your home country for services 1 $9,200 $6,100 $9,556
US Dollar Savings $3,995 $1,095 $4,951
Percentage Savings 43% 18%

dental implant dental implant
Disclaimer: All photos, videos, testimonials and individual cases used in this website are based on actual cases but your results may be different.
Sample Treatment Plan 2

Estimated cost for 16 All Ceramic Crowns
(upper and lower front teeth)

dental implant

Estimated Breakdown of Costs and Services for a Noncomplex Case Los Angeles London Sydney
16 Ceramic Crowns at Bangkok New Smile $7,331 $7,331 $7,331
Return Airfare to Bangkok (1 trip)3 $1,100 $1,000 $800
Hotel in Bangkok (1 week)4 $350 $350 $350
Total Cost $8,781 $8,681 $8,481
Cost in your home country for services 1 $19,008 $15,856 $40,960
Dollar Savings $10,227 $7,175 $32,479
Percentage Savings 54% 45%

1International dental fees vary widely because of geographic location, particular dental provider and the individual dental case so please consider these prices to be only a guide. Of course, the best price estimates will be provided by your dentist who has details of your specific dental case.
2prices are based on USD / Thai Baht Exchange rate of 34.92 and prices are also subject to change at the clinics discretion
3Estimated international airfare is based on informal methods. Your actual flight price may be higher or lower.
4Estimated hotel costs are based on single occupancy at a 3 star hotel in Bangkok.
5Actual timeline for the treatment and cost can vary greatly by the complexity of the individual medical situation. Some patients may require additional procedures such as a bone grafting or sinus lift.
Disclaimer: All photos, videos, testimonials and individual cases used in this website are based on actual cases but your results may be different.

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