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Question: What's the time frame like if I want to get dentures?

Answer: One month is required for the full treatment.

  • step 1 - dental impressions are made for artificial gum.
  • step 2 - try on artificial gum.
  • step 3 - try on teeth.
  • step 4 - Insert full denture.
  • step 5 - Recheck full denture.

One week is required between steps.

After my treatment is completed can I have the dental moulds that were used for my treatment?

Answer: Unfortunately, no, the dental moulds are broken up during the laboratory process and are subsequentally unusable.

Question: I live outside Thailand. Would I be able to get braces (orthodontic treatment)?

Answer: We don't recommend conventional Braces for patients who don't live in Thailand. We would need to do monthly periodic evaluations and adjustments and patients need to come to our clinic for this. Also, if there are any problems such as emergencies we would need to see the patient immediately to remedy the problem. However we are able to provide Damon Braces and Invisalign Systems to patients who don't live in Thailand because we only need to see our patients every 3 months.

Question: How soon can I fly on an airplane after a tooth extraction?

Answer: We recommend at least 5 days before flying. There may be some sinus related pain caused by atmospheric pressure in the airplane cabin if you travel too soon.

Question: Can you give me a treatment recommendation if I send you photos?

Answer: Yes, in most cases we can give you a general evaluation and a basic treatment plan based on photos you send us by email. Please submit us photos from 6 different angles including:

Front Overbite
Front Underbite
Upper Jaw
Lower Jaw
Disclaimer: All photos, videos, testimonials and individual cases used in this website are based on actual cases but your results may be different.

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