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lobby Fixed Braces
Special Offer
Fixed Braces
Correct Bite and Tooth Position
  • Conventional Braces Only 45,000 * baht per basic case
  • Free X-rays, 2 dental models and 2 clear retainers
  • Damon Braces for 80,000 baht per basic case
  • Payment Plans Start at 3,000 baht
*This is one of our most popular services.
The initial visit fee is 200 baht which includes an Oral Examination, Treatment plan and Consultation.
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Compare Fixed Braces
Treatment Feature Metal Braces Ceramic Braces Damon Braces
Material Metal Ceramic Metal or Ceramic
Color Metallic Metallic or White Metallic or White
Number of Visits + + + + + + + + +
Rubber Bands yes yes no
Size of Braces large medium small
Technology standard standard advanced
Cost of Treatment per Case 45,000 75,000 80,000
For Severe Cases effective effective most effective

Braces Treatment Step by Step

full mouth implant
Step 1
Contact us for an Appointment Time, a Consultation and a Treatment Plan.
full mouth implant
Step 2
At our Clinic, Have an X-Ray and Teeth Mold Made for Orthodontic Analysis and Advanced Treatment Planning.

full mouth implant
Step 3
Prepare Your Teeth for Braces by having a Teeth Cleaning, Fillings, Wisdom Tooth Removal or Other Treatments.
full mouth implant
Step 4
Dentist Bonds your New Braces to your Teeth.

full mouth implant
Step 5
Visit Your Dentist Once a Month for Adjustments.
full mouth implant
Step 6
Remove Braces and Make a Retainer. Done!

Disclaimer: All photos, videos, testimonials and individual cases used in this website are based on actual cases but your results may be different.

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