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root canal procedure Root Canal Treatment
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Root Canal Procedures
  • Anterior tooth (single): Only 6,000 baht
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  • Molar tooth (single): Starts at 8,500 baht
  • Free 1,200 baht X-Ray with Root Canals
The initial visit fee is 200 baht which includes an Oral Examination, Treatment plan and Consultation.

A Root Canal Can Save Your Tooth

Tooth infections are always something to be careful about. A Root canal treatment is a dental procedure to treat infection at the center of a tooth (the root canal system). The Root canal treatment specialty is called endodontics and if you need root canal treatment you should look for a qualified endodontist to visit at a dentist office.

The dental pulp is made up of soft tissue that includes nerves and blood vessels. If bacteria infects the pulp, it will begin to die. After this, the bacteria can increase in number. The bacteria and the substances they release will eventually pass out of the end of the root canal through the small hole where the blood vessels and nerves enter.

This process continues as there is nothing to stop more bacteria passing down the root canal, which causes the tissues around the end of the tooth to become red and swollen. This can cause your tooth to become painful and, in extreme circumstances, your face may become swollen (dental abscess).

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figure 3.1: Root Canal Treatment Process
Disclaimer: All photos, videos, testimonials and individual cases used in this website are based on actual cases but your results may be different.

The Root Canal Procedure

To treat the infection in the root canal, the bacteria need to be removed. This can be done by:

  • removing the tooth (extraction)
  • attempting to save the tooth by removing the bacteria from the root canal system (root canal treatment)

In root canal treatment, once the bacteria are removed, the root canal is filled and the tooth is sealed with a filling or crown. In most cases, the inflamed tissue at the end of the tooth will heal naturally.

Root canal treatment should not be painful because a local anaesthetic is normally given, it should be no more unpleasant than having a filling. The procedure is usually successful. In about 9 out of 10 cases, a tooth can survive for up to 10 years after root canal treatment.


It is important to look after your teeth when recovering from root canal treatment. You should also avoid biting on hard foods until all treatment is complete.

Most people can help prevent the need for further root canal treatment by:

  • maintaining good oral hygiene
  • being careful to avoid too much sugary food in your diet
  • quitting smoking, if you smoke
Disclaimer: All photos, videos, testimonials and individual cases used in this website are based on actual cases but your results may be different.

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