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implant illustration Modern Technology and Quality Materials

Focus on Sterile Dental Environment

At Bangkok New Smile Dental Clinic we aim to provide the highest possible standards in all aspects of dental care and services to our patients. We use state-of-the-art technology and offer quality dental care with the highest quality materials available.

We believe our patients' health and safety is the primary concern. Bangkok New Smile adheres to a strict equipment and instrument sterilization protocol. Doctors and assistants wear disposable gloves and other protective garments to prevent cross contamination between care providers and patients. We practice infection control methods using international standards, the same as you would find in Western countries.

Antiseptic Sterilization Systems

Ultrasonic Cleaner for Sterilization
Sterilization Sealing Machine
Lubrina Dental Handpiece
Dental Autoclave for Sterilization

Dental Chair and Related Systems

Luxurious Dental Chairs
Dental Turbine Drill

Computer X-Ray System

Computer X-Ray System
Chairside Portable X-Ray System

Dental Materials and Other Equipment

High Quality Dental Filling Material
Made in the USA Teeth Whitening System
Wide Variety of Orthodontic Materials
Advanced Teeth Scaling System
State of the Art Surgical Equipment
Dental Implant System from the USA
Prosthetic Dental System
Root Canal Treatment System
Children's Dental Materials
Light Cure Unit for Composite Fillings
Removable Clear Aligner Materials
Pre-form Dental Molding Machine
Pulp Vitality Tester
Electro-Surgical Unit
Itero Scanner for Invisalign Treatment
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